DanFender International - Quality Tops

The hidden quality

Prefered by the professionals
DAN-FENDER is rated among the best and largest producers of fenders and buoys world-wide.
Because we know what it takes!
DAN-FENDER offers know-how and experience from more than 25 years of moulding high quality fenders and bouys. A fact that makes our products top elections for private sailors, industrial fishing, aqua-cultures, oil platforms, arctic and tropical expeditions arround the globe.
Heavy usage and endurance
The reason why professional sailors choose to equip their vessels with DAN-FENDER ® fenders and buoys are the products hidden qualities. DAN-FENDER ® has invested much time and effort in creating state-of-the-art quality - from the core of our products. Materials are carefully selected and handpicked to stand up to the forces of nature, and to offer products that will keep looking excellent and do the job for many years.
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