DanFender International - Quality Tops

Patented design - Quality Tops and Eyes

There are three important factors when talking of quality in connection with fenders and buoys, namely the rope attachment (the eye), the valve and the "body" of the fender.

Consequently, for its Heavy-Duty products, DAN-FENDER has chosen to have massive injection-moulded eyes, which are the absolutely strongest eyes of the market. Likewise we have decided to use metal valves in stead of plastic valves, used in other brands. Our metal valve makes inflation of DAN-FENDER products easy and the air remains where it has to be - in the fender/buoy.

The production of fenders/buoys (rotation moulding) may result in the presence of small invisible air holes in the material, as a consequence of which the product cannot keep the air. In order to test this, all products are tested under water, prior to being delivered to our customers, as a guarantee of the fact that the products delivered will also function as intended.

These hidden qualities offer safety to your boat and your fishing.
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