DanFender Buoys Mooring Polyethylen

Mooring buoy (Hard polyethylene, foam filled)

DanFender Skema Bouy Mooring Polyethylene
*) Length messured without rod.
Made of hard polyethylene. Non inflatable, foam filled. All rods are warm-galvanized and rilsan treated.
Secured with self locking nut - available with short or long rod.

White or Red

Product information:
In principle intended for the same use as ordinary, inflatable mooring buoys, but in stead of being made of soft PVC, this is a buoy of hard polyethylene, which has subsequently been filled with PUR foam. Consequently, it cannot immediately sink.

Remember to use the lower eye when you moor your boat to a mooring buoy. Thus the boat will always keep in contact with the anchor. The upper eye is only intended for lift of buoy and double safeguarding.

Do not use stainless steel together with galvanized iron, as it will start a galvanic corrosion, causing very quick breakdown / rusting through of the lower eye and the chain. Important!
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