DanFender Fenders Balloon Heavy Duty

Balloon fender

DanFender Skema Fender Balloon
Standard colours:
FENDER = White

Optional colours:
ROPEHOLD = Grey, Blue, Navy blue or Red
FENDER = Black, Grey, Blue or Navy blue

Product information:
Heavy Duty Balloon Fenders are designed to ensure high protection for your Yacht or boat. The patented design and solid rope hold maximises the fenders durability and strength. The unique designed rope hold have a special metal valve system, that makes inflation easy and ensure a long lasting effect.

For large vessels, DAN-FENDER Balloon Fender rope hold, are imbued with a stainless steel eye insert. This makes the rope hold even stronger and more pressure resistant. To match the extreme pressures from large cruisers and vessels, the largest Balloon Fenders have a specialised Heavy Duty valve system.

The Balloon fenders are the same quality and design as the heavy duty fenders and can also be delivered in same colours as the fenders.

The Balloon fenders can serve as an "extra safety measure" due to size and volume of the fender. DAN-FENDER ® advice all yacht owners to have 1 or 2 Balloon fenders onboard at all times.

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