DanFender Buoys Double Eye

Double Ropehold buoy (Heavy Duty)

DanFender Skema Bouy Double Ropehold Heavy Duty
*) Top Eye diameter

Standard colours:
BUOY = Red

Optional colours:
BUOY = White

Product information:
Double Rope hold Marker Buoys is a new product by DAN-FENDER ®. The product is designed in cooperation between our product engineers in a close partnership with representatives from the fishing industry.

The double rope hold design can often make handling of the buoys easier while working at sea. The top rope hold will stay above the water when nets or lines are attached to the bottom rope hold. This makes the top rope hold work as a lifting point.

If marking an area at sea is needed, the double eye buoys can easily and fast be placed in a row due to the two rope holds.

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