Inflation Adaptor

Inflation Adaptor

The DAN-FENDER inflation adaptor can be used on all our products having the metal valve except the Light fenders and soft, inflatable mini-buoys.

If you don’t have access to an air-compressor with air-blowing-pistol, then the DAN-FENDER adaptor is a great alternative for easy inflation with either hand, foot or car pump. The adaptor can be used in following way:

1)    Use the adaptor as screwdriver to remove the valve-plug/protector

2)    Screw in the adaptor until it tightens

3)    Various models of inflation “nozzels” and pumps can be used to attach to the adaptor.

4)    DO NOT over-inflate the fender/buoy (stay within the designed measurements)

5)    Screw back in the valve-plug/protector again until it tightens.

The adaptor comes in kits as either single-kits holding 1 adaptor, spare-valve, valve-plug or 10 piece-kits for retailers. 

For the PDF guide to inflation and use of the adaptor see here.

See below video for a demonstration of different ways to use the adaptor: