Bar Buoys - Inflatable or Foam filled

Bar Buoys - Inflatable or Foam filled

Bar Buoys are intended to be used as signal-buoys. All sizes are produced with an all through 50mm center-hole in which any kind of rod can be mounted to carry a signal, marking or flag. Due to the design, it is very easy and fast to secure a rod in the Bar Buoys.

We offer a large range of Bar Buoys – 6 different sizes, and for ultimate quality and reliability all buoys (100%) are tested for leaks in a water-tank before packing, and supplied with high quality valve systems.

The BB-buoys can be supplied either inflatable or foam filled.

Maximum load of a BB-buoy is 60% of the stated buoyancy.


Never over-inflate! Always stay within the advised dimensions of the product. If over-inflated the lifetime of the product will be decreased immensely and void the warranty.

Standard colours

Optional colours

Other colours on request.

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* Length measured without rod. (Rod not included)
IMPORTANT - do not over-inflate / exceed the above mentioned dimensions