Brilliant is the word that we very often hear about our unique patented product. 

FenderStep™ has become a much larger success than we had expected when it was launched in 2002, as it provides the simple double function of being both a boarding step but also a practical fender.

Our original FenderStep™ remains by far the best and strongest pvc product available for safe boarding, due to our solid moulded rope-holds, clever design and careful production process.

Yacht topsides have become increasingly high, often making boarding difficult yet traditional products such as ladders, are awkward and may scratch the boat, unlike Fender Step™. It is particularly useful when boarding from a dinghy.

Maximum load = 100 kg (225 lbs)

Minimum rope size = 10 mm (3/8”)

Securely tie to separate strongpoints - Never attach both ropes to the same strongpoint.

For inflation, either use a standard compressor fitted with an accessory air pistol or a Dan-Fender hand pump. 

 See PDF guidelines for FenderStep here. 



Standard colours

Optional colours

Other colours on request.

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