The FenderFlex™ multi-purpose fender provides all round protection for bow, stern, dock and topsides.

The unique hinge at the heart of FenderFlex™ provides the perfect fit around all those awkward bow and stern angles - the most versatile fender available. Easy to install for quick and efficient handling.

The design allows FenderFlex™ to be simply fitted to the bow of many yachts using just 2 support lines.

Using FenderFlex™ will avoid your boat getting the expensive hull damage so typically suffered due to inadequate fender protection when docking or retrieving anchors.


Attachment to the bow:

The simplest way to attach FenderFlex™ to the bow pulpit is by using 10mm rope plus a pair of Fastfender clips.  Tie the end of the line onto the upper anchor points on the FenderFlex using a figure of eight stopper knot, which is neat and avoids the knot touching the hull.


FenderFlex™ is already inflated at purchase and only requires low pressure for correct operation. If additional air is required, do not over-inflate and ensure that the hinge remains free to move. For easiest inflation carefully use a compressor or the DAN-FENDER hand pump.


Unlike cylindrical fenders, FenderFlex™ will fold flat and then stack as multiple units reducing locker space requirements.

See PDF guidelines for FenderFlex here.


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