Heavy Duty Balloon Fenders

Heavy Duty Balloon Fenders

Our Heavy Duty Balloon Fenders are designed to ensure maximum protection for your yacht or boat. The patented design and solid rope hold maximises the fenders durability and strength. The unique designed rope hold has special valve systems, that makes inflation easy and avoids leaks. From item B20 to B75 a high quality brass valve is used, while larger items B100 to B210 have a special in-house made Heavy Duty valve for simple inflation and deflation.

Items B100 to B210 are as standard supplied with a stainless steel eye insert for ultimate strength. 

Our  Balloon fenders have the same quality and construction as our Heavy Duty fenders and can also be delivered in matching colors.

Due to the shape and larger diameter, the Balloon fenders can serve as an "extra safety measure" to normal cylindrical fenders. DAN-FENDER advice all yacht owners to have 1 or 2 Balloon fenders on-board at all times.


DAN-FENDER Heavy Duty fenders, proven quality and durability since 1982.

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*Standard with stainless steel eyes for ultimate strength. Optional for all other sizes.
**The recommended sizes are guidelines only.  Specific requirements must be determined by consideration of boat design and local mooring conditions.

Balloon Fender color combinations

You can get our fenders in many color combinations. Other colors than shown below on request.

You are welcome to contact os for more information.

Standard color

Optional color