Heavy Duty Fenders

Heavy Duty Fenders

DAN-FENDER’s inflatable Heavy Duty Fenders are used by a larger part of the World's Work boats, Commercial & Navy vessels up to approx. max. 60m.

We offer the most comprehensive range in the world of inflatable fenders, starting from the smallest Heavy Duty item 520 (125 x 540mm) up to the 3282 (800 x 2050mm).

However, most often for the Work boats & Commercial vessels our bigger fenders (items: 1550, 2255 & 3282) are the most sold and popular ones. These bigger fenders are all produced with extra-large, strong and solid rope holds, and the biggest model 3282 is as standard supplied with stainless steel-eye inserts for ultimate strength!

Inflatable and soft fenders are a must-have on all vessels, even if not used in daily operations. It happens that both Work boats & Commercial vessels need to dock against other vessels, constructions, buildings etc.. Here, other types of solid commercial fenders or tires are simply too rough with high risk of leaving behind dark marks on the opposite object, compared to our softer inflatable fenders!

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*Standard with stainless steel eyes for ultimate strength. Optional for all other sizes.
**The recommended sizes are guidelines only.  Specific requirements must be determined by consideration of boat design and local mooring conditions.

Fender color combinations

You can get our fenders in many color combinations. Other colors than shown below on request. You are welcome to contact us for more information.

Standard color

Optional color