Heavy Duty Fenders

Heavy Duty Fenders

The Fishing industry often operates in rough environment and therefore need the best possible fender-protection for the expensive and also growing vessel sizes.

DAN-FENDER’s inflatable Heavy Duty Fenders are top of the line in regard to quality. We offer the most comprehensive range in the World of inflatable fenders, starting from the smallest Heavy Duty item 520 (125 x 540mm) up to the 3282 (800 x 2050mm). All sizes produced with solid rope holds and high quality valve systems. To ensure the professionals get products supplied, which are ready and safe for use, we inflate and test 100% of the produced Heavy Duty Fenders before packing!

Trawling: Often we see our larger fenders (2255 & 3282) used as buoyancy on head-lines during trawling in upper waters - most frequently it is our item 3282, the Worlds largest inflatable fender with a gross buoyancy of 720kg and supplied with stainless steel-eye insert for ultimate strength!

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*Standard with stainless steel eyes for ultimate strength. Optional for all other sizes.
**The recommended sizes are guidelines only.  Specific requirements must be determined by consideration of boat design and local mooring conditions.

Fender color combinations

You can get our fenders in many color combinations. Other colors than shown below on request. You are welcome to contact us for more information.

Standard color

Optional color