Heavy Duty Marker Buoys

Heavy Duty Marker Buoys

DAN-FENDER offers the highest quality and most comprehensive range of Heavy Duty Marker Buoys, starting from the B20 with a gross buoyancy of 2 kg up to the B210 with gross buoyance of 2425 kg. All produced with solid rope hold, quality valve systems and 100% tested before packing. All the bigger items starting from B100 and up are as standard supplied with stainless steel-eye insert for ultimate strength and features a dual valve-system for easy inflation & deflation.

Our Heavy Duty Marker Buoys are the preferred net & marker buoy for the professional fishermen who request durability and long lasting products.

Load to a B-buoy should be maximum 60% of the stated buoyancy in below scheme.

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All heavy duty products are produced with solid ROPE HOLDs for maximum strength.
*Standard with stainless steel eyes for ultimate strength. Optional for all other sizes.

Marker buoy color combinations

You can get our buoys in many color combinations. Other colors than shown below on request. You are welcome to contact os for more information.

Standard color

Optional color