Mooring Buoys - Inflatable or Foam filled

Mooring Buoys - Inflatable or Foam filled

The DAN-FENDER Mooring Buoys are among our top products and sell very well, both to the persons who needs a single mooring for their boat and to professionals who need mooring buoys for a complete marina or mooring project in the bay & coast area.

We offer the biggest range of reliable quality mooring buoys supplied either with short(SH) or long(L) rod, inflatable or foam filled at competitive prices – we have it all and therefore chosen by most professionals all over the World. 

The rods & swivels are warm galvanized, and the upper part of the rods
as well have a black rilsan coating. For your security we only use our quality metal valve and for the M100 our in-house heavy duty valve, both for easy inflation and air-hold.

Maximum load of a M-buoy is 60% of the stated buoyancy. 

Do not use stainless steel together with galvanized iron, as it will start a galvanic corrosion, causing a very quick breakdown and rusting through the lower swivel and the chain!

Inflation warning

Never over-inflate! Always stay within the advised dimensions of the product. If over-inflated the lifetime of the product will be decreased immensely and void the warranty.

See sizes of the rods here. 

Guide to correct mooring billeder/correct_morring.jpg

IMPORTANT: Remember to use the lower eye (swivel) when you moor your boat to a mooring buoy. Then the boat will always have direct connection to the anchor. The upper eye is only intended for lift of buoy and double safeguarding.

Standard colours

Optional colours

Other colours on request.

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* Length measured without rod.
IMPORTANT - do not over-inflate / exceed the above mentioned dimensions