Mooring Buoys - Hard PE and Foam filled

Mooring Buoys - Hard PE and Foam filled

Our Hard PE Mooring Buoys are in principle intended for the same use as ordinary, inflatable mooring buoys, but instead of a having a soft shell buoy, these buoys are produced with a PE (polyethylene) hard shell and filled with PUR foam. Consequently, it cannot sink even if damaged.

We offer 4 different sizes supplied with either short(SH) or long(L) rod, all high quality at competitive prices, and therefore chosen by most professionals all over the World, when hard shell mooring buoys are used. 

The rods & swivels are warm galvanized, and the upper part of the rods as well have a black rilsan coating.

IMPORTANT: Remember to use the lower eye (swivel) when you moor your boat to a mooring buoy. Then the boat will always have direct connection to the anchor. The upper eye is only intended for lift of the buoy and double safeguarding.

Maximum load of a PEM-buoy is 60% of the stated buoyancy 

Do not use stainless steel together with galvanized iron, as it will start a galvanic corrosion = causing a very quick breakdown and rusting through the lower swivel and the chain!

See sizes of the rods here.

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*Length of the buoy measured without rod.