Trawl Floats

Trawl Floats

DAN-FENDER has a long history in supplying the Fishing industry with high quality Fenders & Marker Buoys mainly used “on top of the water”. However, in the summer of 2021 our Group acquired the World leading TRAWL FLOAT manufacturing company: Atlantic Floats Denmark A/S, so the Group now proudly both can supply oversea and subsea buoyancies for the Fishing Industry.

Both DAN-FENDER and Atlantic Floats Denmark A/S have our manufacturing sites and stocks located in Denmark, so now there is a possibility that we, where it makes sense, can send combined shipments from our companies!


Atlantic Floats Denmark A/S is more than Trawl Floats, they are also offering a wide program of HIGH QUALITY Bobbins, Fish Baskets, Cod end rings, Spinners & Net needles!

For more information about the complete product-program from Atlantic Floats Denmark A/S please click on below link

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